The new creative way to communicate.

Between still photography and live video, there’s a whole new world.

Black forest popsicle with chocolate dripping. - client: Vivani chocolate. - type of cinemagraph: multilayer, complex.

This is nothing but great! Thank you so much, Roberta! This is exactly the stuff, I am looking for! Great job!
— Alex, client
I love this dribble here. Just want to reach out and get that ice cream
— Ania, follower
This post took the #satisfyingvideo trend to a whole new level.
— Phil, follower
Love how you caught that drip! I can almost taste this, it’s so perfect!
— Hannah, follower
Mesmerized by this!
— Layal, follower



Imagine for a moment that you can inject life into photos and combine the stillness of photography and motion (in seamless loop) of cinematography. 



If you're looking for some magic to happen on your social media channels, then cinemagraphs are the perfect new powerful marketing tool for you.


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Double chocolate cake and hand pouring sauce. - client: Vivani chocolate. - type of cinemagraph: complex.


Reasons why cinemagraphs work perfectly:

  • Increase engagement (they say a video can 'keep a viewer’s attention 5x longer' and 'engage followers for longer periods of time');

  • Catch users' attention and "persuade";

  • Increase your brand's awareness;

  • Enhance storytelling;

  • Differentiate your brand from competitors.



You can use cinemagraphs for:

  • webpage banners

  • webpage backgrounds

  • billboards

  • social media ads

  • social media posts

  • blog

  • newsletter

  • app

  • business presentations