Hey, thanks for stopping by! I'm Roberta...


If you’re here that probably means you liked my photos and you want to get to know me a little bit better. 

I’m an Italian food photographer, recipe developer & food blogger (@healthylittlecravings)

I’ve always used just two words to describe myself: DREAMER & CREATOR. Quite self-explanatory: combine 'active imagination' (my secret weapon) with creativity and hard work, and everything will come true.
This side of my personality affects my work.


It's all about passion...

At the age of 6 my favorite activity was helping my mother beating egg yolks and sugar for Tiramisu, an Italian classic coffee-flavoured dessert.

Growing up, I've always had a passion for aesthetics and beauty in general. I was, and am now, meticulous and I loved attention to details.

My passion for food photography was naturally born after, in 2015, I got an internship at a startup in the food industry and had the chance to work with a photographer.

Over time, after the launch of my blog, a question spontaneously echoed in my head: how can I capture food’s beauty?

Here I am now. I'm delighted by the little hidden details that I can find between the highlights and shades that the magical light creates.

Roberta is not only 'food and photos’.
If you can't find me, I'm probably outside playing with my 3 nephews, doing some yoga, biking in the countryside, daydreaming while reading a book or at the cinema with my boyfriend.

Oh, despite my surname (that means 'from the dawn') ...I love sunsets.